What role does lead glue protective suit have?

X-ray protective clothing can prevent the body hurt by X-ray, exposure to X-ray workers wear, in the process of work can effectively use radiation ray reflection, in order to reduce the X-ray of the harm to human body. Now the usual radiation protective clothing is made of metallic lead on the fabric, and the protective ability is related to the thickness of the metal lead. The main protective part of the radiological protective clothing is the chest, the abdominal organs and so on.

Wearing X ray protective clothing can effectively reduce the damage caused by special light rays such as X rays during the CT examination.

How is the product inspected and maintained

Product inspection method

(1) the products tested in 80 KVP, 3.2 mAs, 72 focal length under the condition of X-ray photography, and then observe the photos of the film, in the X-ray film, lead rubber clothing vest, if the size of window, said the increase the material thickness, absorb radiation is stronger.

(2) if it appears dark, the thickness of the material in the site is changed.

(3) if the edge of the dark spot is clear, it may be due to damage to the internal protective material, which is usually caused by incorrect use of protective clothing.

(4) if there is a small amount of dark spots, it is produced during the production of protective clothing, such as pinhole. It is proved by clinical evidence that a dark spot with a diameter of no more than 5mm will not affect the protective effect. If a number of dark spots larger than 5mm are found, or many small and dark spots should be noticed, it should be noted.

(5) if there is a long shadow, it indicates that the lead rubber may break in the area, which is caused by improper storage of protective clothing.

[product maintenance]

(1) this product shall not be exposed to the sun, the place shall be kept away from heat source and lead coating, and it shall not be in contact with other articles which are harmful to the product, such as paint, acid and alkali.

(2) this product shall be stored in a well-ventilated and cool and dry room. The temperature is 0-30 degrees, and the relative temperature is 80 %.

How can one detect the protective effect of X-ray protective clothing?

Method is used in many users will X-ray protective clothing under X light illuminate, found or can perspective objects under X-ray protective clothing, said X-ray protective clothing protection effect. Actually such detection is unscientific!

Why not science? So let's start with the X ray emission principle. Principle of X-ray emission is like our torch light, its light is like a bell mouth shine out, the middle of the bright, direct than X-ray scattering X-ray radiation is strong many times, and X ray protective clothing using purpose is used to prevent ray scattering line rather than direct rays. And equipment with the size of the X-ray tube voltage, tube current is close, we want the tube voltage, tube current according to the equipment to choose more suitable for our X-ray protective clothing, rather than the lead equivalent the bigger the better, because they lead the heavier burden will be heavy to your body!

How to detect the protective effect of X ray protective suit more effectively? Get ready for the simplest tool for X-ray protective clothing: an individual dosimeter.

First put personal meter X light side position, record number: then put X X ray protective clothing light source side, on one side of the X ray protective clothing with X light open individual meter detection X-ray radiation, to see if the radiation value detector have change, depending on the lead equivalent X-ray protective clothing size down the numerical have different individual meter. This method is the simplest and most effective method for individuals, but there are some differences in the effects of different environments, such as the space of the machine room and other decisive factors.

How to correctly select qualified X-ray protective lead clothing?

Now, the X - ray protective clothing on the market, whether the type, or the manufacturers are all dazzling, then exactly how to choose the qualified X-ray protective clothing? Here's a quick introduction:

1. Whether the company's product qualification is complete;

2. Whether the product has the trademark, certificate and instruction of the regular manufacturer;

3. Find out whether the manufacturer is real or not;

4. The location of the X ray protective suit should indicate its lead equivalent (level of protection) so that users can identify different levels of protective X-ray protective clothing at different environments.

What are the X-ray protective suits?

The damage done to the human body by x-rays is mainly due to the characteristics of the X-ray - biological effects. After the X-ray irradiation of the body, a series of changes can be made to the tissue cells and bodily fluids. The cells in the tissue are inactivated by ionizing radiation, which leads to the radioactive damage caused by the injury of hematopoietic tissue. The extent of radiation damage is influenced by a variety of complex factors, such as irradiation dose, exposure area and site, radiation sensitivity of individual and tissue cells, and energy of radiation. Mainly damage such as the irradiation of acute or chronic radiation sickness, radiation reaction, the main symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache and abnormal blood picture, skin lesions, severe cases can lead to leukemia, radioactive cataract, skin cancer, such as basic radiation is easy to cause fetal death and birth defects during pregnancy, severe mental retardation, etc.

The amount of exposure to the X rays is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. When the distance is doubled, the irradiation can be reduced to 1/4 of the original, and all personnel should stay away from the X-ray machine as far as possible.

Wear package lead clothing, lead scarf, lead glasses and other protective items to protect, especially to the thyroid, gonads should be protective.

So what are the products of the X-ray protective suit?

Here's a quick introduction:

The X ray protective suit includes: long sleeve lead coat, lead glue cap, lead scarf, lead gloves, lead glasses;

In addition, there may be many customers who ask the specification 0.35 MMPB and 0.5mmpb. How should I choose? In fact, it is very simple, mainly looking at the size of the radiation dose and whether it is directly exposed to the radioactive source or X-ray machine. The protective products of 0.35 MMPB were selected when the radiation dose was less direct contact with the radioactive source. In the case of large amount of radiation dose, direct contact with radiation source and X-ray machine must choose 0.5mmpb protective products, and the protection effect is better!

What is the meaning of the medical X-ray protective suit 0.5?

What does medical X-ray protective clothing 0.5 yield mean?

It is generally based on 0.5mmpb ray protective lead clothing to protect more than 90% of the scattered lines.

X - ray protective clothing is a kind of screen cover used between radioactive sources and personnel that can effectively absorb x-rays to eliminate or reduce the harmful effects of X rays on the human body. The shielding mechanism of shielding material is the absorption of ionizing radiation by absorbing material contained in the material. The magnitude of energy absorption is proportional to the four times of the atomic number of the absorbed material. Lead the atomic number is 82, has the good energy absorption properties, and easy to get, is a kind of use Ideal material to shield high-energy ionizing radiation, people use the lead equivalent to measure shielding materials for X ray absorption ability. So lead is the most important performance indicator of X ray protective clothing, and the large size of lead equivalent determines the ability of X - ray protective clothing to block x-rays. In this paper, we will calculate the lead value of the protective clothing for shielding the scattered X-ray radiation of several common tube voltages.

X ray protective clothing required lead equivalent calculation for X-ray protection, our country some national standards (such as GBZ130-2002 "medical X-ray diagnosis standard for health protection, etc.) in the specific provision: each X-ray machine should be equipped with the right amount of conform to the requirements of the protection of all sorts of auxiliary protective equipment, such as lead rubber gloves, lead rubber apron, etc. We know that any occasion requiring the use of individual protective products is an occasion for health hazards and threats to life safety. So, in the places that have requirements of X-ray hazard, choose how lead equivalent X-ray protective equipment can not exceed the international commission on radiological protection (ICRP) publication no. 103 is the staff of occupational exposure dose threshold, the staff of professional photo shoot dosage 20 MSV per year on average for 5 years, in which any one year shall not exceed 50 MSV threshold.


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