Soft protèktif timbal jas karo long lan long

Soft protèktif timbal jas karo long lan long

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It is made from natural rubber, yellow danfen and processed by processing. Lead equivalent: 0.25 MMPB, 0.35 MMPB, 0.5mmpb, or different protection equivalent depending on special circumstances. Mainly used for X-ray protection, users can select different specifications of protection series products. Internal multi-layer international new protective material, excellent protection performance; The exterior fabric is durable and durable, and it is waterproof and antistatic. It is easy to clean...

  • Potongan: US $ 0,5 - 9,999 / Potongan
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Potongan /
  • Sumber Kabisan: 10000 Piece / Bagéyan saben Wulan
  • Port: Qingdao or Yantai
  • Sarat Pembayaran: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
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    Kang digawe saka karet alami, danfen kuning lan diproses dening Processing.

    Lead padha: 0.25 MMPB, 0,35 MMPB, 0.5mmpb, utawa padha karo pangayoman beda gumantung kahanan khusus. Utamané dipigunakaké kanggo pangayoman X-ray, bisa pilih specifications beda produk Proteksi seri. multi-lapisan materi Internal internasional anyar protèktif, kinerja pangayoman banget;

    Kain njaba iku awet lan awet, lan iku anti banyu lan antistatic. Iku gampang kanggo ngresiki lan disinfect.

    Iku wis apik dirancang, modern lan kebak macem-macem, kang ndadekake kowe nyaman lan nyaman ing katon.

    Size: S, M, L, Nomer khusus bisa selaras.


    Shandong Chen lu medical instrument co., LTD punika perusahaan wasis ing produksi ray X sandhangan protèktif (sandhangan karet timah) Enterprises gedhe, kalebu jinis anyar saka X-ray sandhangan protèktif wis menangaké paten nasional, perusahaan kualifikasi lengkap bisa ngaso njamin kanggo tuku! Hubungi kita kanggo rincian!

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    QQ: 2069188472

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